Natufia Kitchen Garden Installation Service

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Natufia Kitchen Garden Installation Service


As time is passing with uncatchable speed and new inventions are made on a daily basis. If we take a residential sector to see what we have new today available in the markets. We all want our home to be look like a dream house for us as well as the person who sees it the first time. In a normal Villa or house, we usually give importance to the exterior and internal areas of our house. We do install new style decoration items and by installing new furniture or other newly launched items available in the market. Did you ever think to make your kitchen something like which is not even known to the majority of Dubai Residents? Yes, we come up with something really innovative and newly launched Kitchen Decoration Items for you. Natufia is one the leading Interior Designing Company which launch this wonderful idea of Kitchen Garden. As we bring it to you through our platform so we will handle Natufia Kitchen Garden Installation Service in Dubai. Natufia Kitchen Garden Installation Service

What is Natufia Kitchen Garden?

Natufia comes up with an exceptional new innovative idea of Kitchen Garden. In simple and easy words, Kitchen Garden is like to have a Garden area in your Kitchen. Sounds weird? Yeah, it is. When you listen to the word Kitchen Garden then you must think that it is like a small garden in your kitchen but to have a garden area in Kitchen will allow your kitchen to remain clean and tidy? Ah, no you’re thinking it wrong. Natufia Kitchen Garden idea is explained as to have a Garden area in your kitchen which is installed in your Kitchen’s wall or in under countertops. It consists of 100% original indoor plants with proper irrigation network. You can further explore about Kitchen Garden service here on this link  

Natufia Kitchen Garden Installation Service by Plumbers Dubai:

When it comes to the installation of Natufia Kitchen Garden you must need a professional and expert service provider as it required to have experts. It contains some minor and major parts like to put plants into the designated area. Putting plant is looking like a major part but it is not because providing irrigation network with drain flow is beyond that. Plumbers Dubai brings ease for our customers as always we did in the past. We trained our plumbers by giving them proper workshop and demo site for Natufia Kitchen Garden Installation Service. We know where and how to install Kitchen Garden at your home. Plumbers Dubai will also suggest the best place for it.

Steps of Natufia Kitchen Garden Installation Service:

We do follow the following steps while installing Kitchen Garden at your place: 1- We suggest you the best location for you after observing all the factors related to the plants and other factors. 2- We create a network for irrigation and drain with proper channel and piping. 3- We put accurate fertilizers which makes the nature of the plant. 4- In this step, we provide you the choice as you want a plant to be planted or just wanted we plant the seeds. The choice is yours. 5- After all these steps, we cover the designated area with glass work which is done by our Glazier team. Natufia Kitchen Garden Installation Service

Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

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