What causes a faucet to leak?

Posted by in , on March 4, 2020

The most common thing we discover is corroded O-rings, gaskets or valve seats that cause faucets to leak. Together, these components are what hold back the water until the tap is opened, so if one among them is corroded, you’ll get a leaky, dripping faucet! to prevent a faucet leak, shut off the water to the sink and open the tap to let the water drain out. Next, use an Allen key or screw driver to remove the tap handle. If it’s a nut holding the interior parts in place, check to see if that’s loose – tightening it with pliers may be enough to prevent the leak! If not, remove the nut and disassemble the tap (just make sure you’ll put it back together again!). If the tap contains a cartridge, don’t take that apart – just replace it with a replacement one.

Inspect all the components of your faucet – you ought to see washers, O-rings or seals and possibly springs – and find out exactly what you need to exchange. Find the precise parts at a hardware store and put the tap back together. If all goes well, your faucet tap should be back to normal. If not, call Plumber Dubai for faucet repair!

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