What to do in case of water leak?

Posted by in , on December 4, 2021

Some people consider water leakages to be less damaging than fire hazards. It looks like this but it can be very damaging and can be very costly to mitigate. You can encounter dripping of water from certain taps and it can happen due to many reasons. A minor leakage at your home can cause significant damages to your property. It can result in molds, stains, and waterlogged drywall.

You can simply stop water leakage in your home with some simple tips and steps. But if you don’t do that, get ready for a lot of damage and waste of money. The debris formed at the washer can be cleaned up but it internally damages the washer and it is time to replace it. It looks perfect on the outside but this debris is the main reason for leakage.  In case of water leakage first of all you need to find out the source of the leakage.

Sometimes it is easy to detect where the water is leaking but it is difficult to figure out the source of leakage. In this situation, you need to call a professional. With the help of thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters, it is easy to detect the source of leakage. The very important thing that needed to be done is to cut off the supply of water by turning off the valve. It can prevent you from overflowing with water and any further damage.

After doing this, the next step is to dry and drain all the excess water where the leakage is coming from. It is important to dry and empty the pipe before repairing it.

  • Once you find out the source of leakage you can use epoxy glue on it.
  • This glue can be bought from any hardware shop.
  • Putting this glue on the point of leakage can stop the water leakage temporarily and buy you more time until you arrange a plumber.
  • If you have a piece of rubber at home such as an old tube you can utilize it to stop leakage.
  • You can cover the hole by wrapping a piece of rubber around the point of leakage or whole with a c-clamp to tighten the rubber in its place.
  • It can keep the water from leaking only if your clamp is as tight as possible.

Another home DIY hack is the use of a washer and screw to prevent water leakage. Put a right size washer around the hole and make it secure by driving a screw in it. This hack can also stop water from leaking for some time. 

We will recommend you to get help from professionals as soon as possible because water leakage issues can be very damaging. Don’t wait for the time when the situation will get out of hand.

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