Why does my toilet smell bad?

Posted by in , on December 4, 2021

No doubt you are the cleanest homeowners and you or your maids daily wash your toilet but you still realize that your toilet stinks. An extremely unpleasant smell that makes you wonder why your toilet smells like this. But it is okay. Toilets usually give off some obnoxious and unpleasant smells.

You can get rid of them just by following some easy steps that we are going to share with you:

You feel surprised when the toilet that is not being used smells like this. This is a very common reason why it stinks. When the toilet is not in use and has gone too long without being flushed the water evaporates and the toilet bowl gets dried which leads to the smelly gases coming from the plumbing pipes and causing your toilet to smell really bad. It also happens with the toilets where the flush is faulty. Because flushing the toilet can refill the bowl and help smell diapers.

  1. Plumbers Dubai can fix all your toilet problems from fixing your flush to unblocking your drains and pipelines. Stinky bacteria can easily grow in your toilet’s feeder pipes especially during the summer season. These bacteria smell like rotten eggs and are extremely unhealthy for you.
  2. Plumbers Dubai will simply pour bleach into your overflow pipe to disinfect it and to get rid of these stinky bacteria. Clogged drains are another reason why your toilet smells. When the drains are clogged the water draining and refilling process takes a long time and causes smelly gases to come back. Don’t flush your toilet when you suspect a blockage because it can cause overflow.
  3. Just quickly call Plumbers Dubai. We will send our expert plumbers to unclog your drains and pipes to release the flow of water. Broken toilet seals are the reason for bad odor and water leakage. In this situation, you should quickly contact our professional in plumbing services Dubai to get your toilet seal replaced.
  4. If after trying all these tips and ideas the gross smell in your toilet is not going, don’t try anything else and consult your trusted plumber services provider.
  5. Plumbers Dubai can come to your place as soon as possible and inspect the issue why and from where the smell comes and fix this issue. It is not always this easy how it looks to solve every problem on your own, especially the ones that deal with drains and pipelines because a little mistake can cause huge damage.
  6. Plumbers Dubai is always ready to help you with your plumbing issues to make the process hassle-free for you. Our expert plumbers can quickly inspect the problem and find a suitable solution for it in no time. Call plumbers Dubai today to eliminate the obnoxious smell from your toilet.

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