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: منظفات خزان المياه في دبي

Water Tank Cleaners Dubai We are Water Tank Cleaners Dubai specialists of drinking water storage tanks. Our unique Dubai invention utilizes a system which enables us to clean the floor of a domestic rainwater tank. While it is still FULL of water, without disturbing the remaining water and with minimal water loss. We can clean concrete, plastic, poly, fiberglass, & galvanized iron water tanks. We don’t have to get into the tank as has previously been done throughout the years, to empty out the water and then shovel the buildup of sediment containing lot plausible form, worms, dead birds, dirt & leaves, rodents, possums, snails, etc. Into a bucket and then hauling it up out of the tank to be dumped on the ground. After spending years perfecting the process so we could take it to residential, commercial & farming properties; we established Plumbers Dubai.

Water Tank Cleaners Dubai by Plumbers Dubai

Twenty-three years on, we have thousands of clients whom we have serviced, and for their health & the quality of their drinking water, we continue to do maintenance cleans for them every three years. We can improve poor water Water Tank Cleaners Dubaiquality, i.e. smelly, tainted or discolored drinking water, and guarantee to remove the buildup of sediment from the floor of your tank even when it’s FULL, leaving you and your family with clean, clear, safe water. If you find a dead animal in your full tank of water we can remove the animal, vacuum the sediment. From the floor of your tank and then add Sodium Hypochlorite to the remaining 3/4 of water to disinfect it. Kill the bacteria in the remaining water leaving you with lovely fresh tasting bacteria-free water. Water tanks should be cleaned at least once every 3 years as recommended by The Department of Human Services & Health, so to keep you and your loved ones healthy give me a call if you think your tank needs cleaning. Remember I can clean them when they are FULL and leave you with water. I look forward to assisting you soon.

Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

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