Tank Cleaning Service

Dubai’s first time of roof tanks was assembled in the early years to attempt fire conservation to the Dubai’s taller buildings. Our skyline just wouldn’t look the same without its rooftop wooden water tanks. Roof water tanks are also than charming designed conference pieces; they are running parts of your building’s operating systems and deserve care and maintenance on a regular basis by providing Tank Cleaning Service.

Tank Cleaning Service by Plumbers Dubai:

Tank Cleaning ServiceTank Cleaning Service is essential in order to keep the potable water clean and safe. Dubai law requires all domestic water tanks to be clean, sanitized and inspected annually. Observe to this adjustment is important in order to cover that roof tanks are maintained and clean water is supplied to the tenant-shareholders of the building. Our Plumbing & Heating specializes in full-service Tank Cleaning Service that keeps your Roof Tank up to code.

Our Process

Dubai Repairs also provides full service like no other. Our process begins with notifying the Dubai Fire Department of the scheduled shut-down (during which the building is complete without water), then coordinating with the managing agent and superintendents. When we arrive at the building we take full responsibility for shutting down and draining the necessary systems. Plumbers Dubai provides drainage, cleaning and inspect the roof tank and report any crack to management. Finally, we activate all building water distribution and hot water re-circulation and circulating systems. At the completion of the job, our technicians draw a water sample for analysis by a certified lab and the results are provided to the property manager. WE CAN HELP WITH:Tank Cleaning Service

Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

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