Fiber Tank Repair Dubai

Fiber Tank Repair Dubai


Do you have a leaking water tank or does your water tank need a new roof? Fiber Tank Repair Dubai has been in the water storage industry since 2006. We will rejuvenate your leaking water tank with quality and ease, no matter what the size. Fiber Tank Repair Dubai We can provide the Fiber Tank Repair Dubai:
  • Installing a tank liner
  • Roofing of your water tank
  • Installing steel bands
  • Installing leaf filters
  • Adding additional outlets
  • Installing leaf filters
  • Installing access hatches
  • Insurance claims for water tanks
Fiber Tank Repair Dubai will install a liner in nearly any style or shape of water tank:
  • Concrete Tanks
  • Beehive Wells
  • Underground Tanks
  • Timber Tanks
  • Fire Tanks
  • High Rise Header Tanks
  • Industrial Tanks
  • Storage Tanks

Types of Fiber Tank Repair Dubai

Our Tank Liners

Our liners are a reinforced polyethylene tank liner with 4 layers of waterproofing, which means it has 5 layers of bonded polyethylene with a tough fiber reinforcing weave in the center. It is also self-supported by lugs that are attached to the wall and the base, this structurally assists with support of the liner inside the tank, by having these lugs it reduces the pressure at the top of the water tank and spreads the load throughout the walls and the top.

Double Seam Weld

Fiber Tank Repair DubaiOur liners are double seam welded for Dubai’s tough conditions. Our ingenious double welded liner add the eventual protection at the liner collective, preventing leaks, drips, seepage or wicking of your previous water. Water infiltration from your craft can encourage nosy roots, so assert on a double seam welded liner. The environment inside a roofed water tank is ideal for a tank liner i.e no sunlight, wind or general motion hence a 10 year warranty with the tank liner and installation can be provided. We believe that lining your water tank is the most cost effective way to fix your leaking water tank as it is not actually repairing your tank, but putting a new “tank” inside of your old water tank. Unlike other methods of tank repairs, we don’t need to be concerned about individual cracks in the tank structure as we cover the entire interior of the water tank with the tank liner including any cracks that develop in the future.

Scope of Work

After your water tank is drained, cleaned and checked for sharp protrusions, we install a layer of geotextile, a non-woven polyester fabric which is non degradable and ideal as a bed for the liner or a 25 mm layer of sand as an alternative to textile. On steel water tanks, we may use the existing fittings, depending on their condition. We only allow for one outlet and one overflow in our quote unless you have indicated otherwise. Extra charges will apply for additional fittings.

Steel Tank Bands

Concrete tanks are held together by an internal skeleton which is the steel reinforcing in the concrete when tanks have been leaking for long periods of time the reinforcing will rust, when this happens in full height vertical cracks it effectively breaks the steel band holding the tank together in extreme cases this can cause a concrete tank to collapse which can be destructive to buildings and anything in the path of debris and water. Vertical Cracks are most common in tanks but steel bands will help prevent any disasters. Fiber Tank Repair Dubai can help you with any problem you have with your water tank! For a no obligation quote, please contact us in the office or online.

Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

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