Gate Valve Installation Dubai

Gate Valve Installation Dubai

Gate Valve Installation Dubai


The seat design gives an advantage for doing this by utilising its Gate shape as it comes down to connect with the seat effectively cutting the flow gradually up until it seals completely on the seat face. This, however, does cause a larger pressure drop than say a gate valve and causes turbulence in the line. The size, pressure class and material selection of all Gate Valve Installation Dubai are the responsibility of the user or system designer. Process Systems may offer suggestions in this area, however, the selection process is solely the responsibility of the end user or plant operator.

Gate Valve Installation Dubai by Plumbers Dubai

Gate Valve Installation DubaiGate Valve Installation Dubai are unidirectional whereby they are only designed to take the flow in one direction, under the disc. There is an arrow of direction cast into the valve body but can easily be checked by looking into one end of the valve and see whether you are looking at the underside of the seat or above the seat. It is recommended that the valve is mounted vertically only whereby the handwheel operation will be at the top of the valve. This ensures that no premature wear or damage will occur to the valve. The main Gate Valve Installation Dubai points are below
  • Remove any packing or debris from the valve
  • Ensure the inside of the valve is free from water or moisture (can expand when subject to heat on startup)
  • Ensure you have room to operate the valve
  • Do a complete dry cycle of the valve from closed to open then back again
  • Tighten flange bolts gradually in a diagonal pattern
  • Raise internal pressure to operate levels and check again

Gate Valve Operation

  • Do not overtighten on the seat to close.
  • Even though they are great for controlling flow try not to leave the disc in the middle of the flow. This will cause the seat to wear prematurely and in steam applications where continuous throttling is less than 10% open, excessive vibration, noise and wire draw across the seat causing a leak path which at times may not be visual to the naked eye.
  • Do not eclipse the maximum pressure of the valve during its operation. Pressure spikes or fluctuations beyond the valve’s pressure rating are solely the responsibility of the operator and can cause considerable harm or even death if not adhered to.


Gate Valve Installation DubaiA routine maintenance and checking schedule will assure you get the best life and operation out of your Gate valve. Some things to consider are below (not exhaustive).
  • Regular inspection of the valve. Pay particular attention to the gland to ensure there is no obvious wear or the valve is leaking
  • Grease the crossbar by using a grease gun on the grease nipple provided. Lubricate the spindle if needed
  • Slightly tighten the gland bolts if the packing needs adjustment. 

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Wide Range of Services

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