GI pipe installation services

GI pipe installation services Posted by in Emergency Plumbing Service, Pipe fitting, Plumber Dubai, on November 12, 2021

GI pipes are steel or iron pipes coated with zinc in order to prevent them from rusting and corrosion. Galvanized pipes were the best choice in the 1960s because they have a long life of 50-80 years. But these pipes are now at the end of their life expectancy and causing problems like rusting or corrosion which results in reduced and restricted water flow and pressure. Old and rusted GI pipes can also result in leakage and damages in pipelines. They are now least common in freshwater supply systems but they are still most common for veins, drains, and outdoor water and sprinkler systems. We believe that anything that is causing problems to you should be resolved as soon as possible. Our GI pipe installation services are the best services in Dubai.

Plumber Dubai has years of experience in installing GI pipes for your drains and outdoor water systems. GI pipes last for a longer period of time if they are maintained and used correctly. Because they are strong they are still used in many industries and outdoor building projects. 

When you need GI pipe installation services :

As we know, galvanized pipes can be problematic if they exceed their expected life expectancy. There can be so many problems that arise when your GI pipes get old. Some problems are discussed below:

Old galvanized pipes rust and corrode easily. The rust starts to accumulate in the pipe and reduces the size of the pipe. Which results in a poor flow of water. And not just low water pressure, it can also clog so densely that it can burst the pipe. As GI pipes age, they rust and corrode inside and outside as well. Rusting makes the pipeline weaker and later gives rise to leakage and other damages to your pipes. Your polluted environment has hydrogen and sulfide to which galvanized steel or iron pipes are very sensitive. After a long time of constant exposure to such substances, your GI pipe can easily corrode. 

GI pipe installation services

Old and aged GI pipes have a high number of risks of depositing lead in our drinking water. These pipes are the main source of lead in our water. Lead accumulates in our bodies and can result in adverse health-related problems. If you know that your GI pipes are old enough then get them replaced with new GI pipes just by calling us. 

Our GI pipe installation services:

Plumber Dubai is the most trusted and reliable plumbing services provider in Dubai. We inspect the condition of your pipelines and identify if you need a complete or partial pipe replacement. If your pipes are old and are badly corroded then we suggest you complete the installation of new GI pipes but if there are only a few areas that need replacement, then we do partial replacement of the pipe. We always estimate the best solution for you by completely inspecting your problem. In order to maintain and protect your home get your GI pipes replaced today.

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