Kitchen Taps Replacement

Kitchen Taps Replacement


The kitchens of the house are the central place to cook, wash dishes and do other stuff related to eating and cook. That is why the kitchen gets messier than the rest of the house and it needs to be clean more often. For that purpose, different types of taps are installed and used in the kitchen so that the water supply in the kitchen is convenient and can be used for different purposes.

Kitchen Taps Replacement by Plumbers Dubai:

Kitchen Taps ReplacementThe plumbers of Plumbers Dubai provide many services all over Dubai for the kitchen. Replacing and repairing the kitchen taps are one of them. Our plumbers are an expert in replacing all types of kitchen taps all over Dubai. We provide economical services for replacing the kitchen taps at your doorsteps and provides you fast and reliable services. As there are many options nowadays for the kitchen taps there is a regular need to replace the broken kitchen taps. Without a properly functioned kitchen tap, it is very difficult to use the sink and maintain a proper water supply in the kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Taps Replacement by Plumbers Dubai:

1. Latest Designer Mixer:

These mixers are very trendy these days for mixing the hot and cold water in the kitchen tap, it has a spray like head which helps in distributing the water.

2. Single Lever Mixers:

This mixer has a single lever which helps in changing the hot or cold water in case of moving. That is why these are very compact and uses with small sinks.

3. Stainless Steel/ Outdoor Proof:

It is usually used in commercial kitchen and has large spraying head attached to it. It also has a long spray which can be extended and contract when needed.

Kitchen Taps Replacement4. Retractable Flex-hose Mixer:

The house of the taps is flexible as well as can contract and extend while washing dishes and also helps in easily mixing the water for the tap.

5. Non-Retractable Flexi-hose Mixer:

These are flexible hose mixer which cannot retract when needed and it is fixed in its place.

6. Dual Spray:

It has multiple spraying options when used can change the power of spray to high and low and slow.

7. Double Handle/ Tree Piece:

It has three components, one is the main water supplying tap and the other two are used for mixing the water one for hot and the other for cold water.

Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

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