Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates

Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates


Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates

Plumbers Dubai is a locally owned and operated business offering a Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates. Plumbers Dubai has over 15 years of experience in the trade and is committed to also providing customers with the best service possible. So, this has led to many repeat customers including some of Dubai’s most prestigious business institutions and clubs. Plumbers Dubai understands that inviting a tradesman into your home requires a great deal of trust. You can also rest assured that he will provide an honest service and take the utmost care to ensure that you will be satisfied with the quality of the end result.

Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates

Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates by Plumbers Dubai

With over 15 years of plumbing experience, Plumbers Dubai is also qualified for any job. Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates’ service to customers has led to many repeat clients. A high-quality end result is ensured by using quality tools, fixtures, and also fittings.

Plumbing services include :

Plumbing Maintenance

From leak detection and repairs to hydro-jetting blocked drains to sewer inspection via CCTV, Plumbers Dubai can also take care of all your plumbing needs! We undertake general plumbing maintenance work for domestic as well as commercial buildings.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance of your plumbing fittings and fixtures can also go a long way in retaining their optimum performance. We also provide scheduled and on-call preventative maintenance services including inspection of existing plumbing, report generation, device testing for preventing back-flow, and inspection of rainwater flushing, amongst others.

24/7 Emergency Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates

Blocked Drains

Have you noticed a strange odor coming from your drain? Has the pressure of water dropped in your bathroom or laundry? Do you hear gurgling noises coming from your pipes? Call Plumbers Dubai today for a prompt evaluation and repair. We provide blocked drain clearance for toilet drains, urinal drains, sink and washbasin drains, laundry drains as well as stormwater drains.

Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe, much like a blocked drain, can wreak havoc with your property. What’s worse is that sometimes burst pipes can go undetected. Plumbers in Jumeirah Golf Estates can detect and repair burst or leaking water pipes made of any material – from copper to plastic to galvanized to polyethylene pipes. We have special equipment to detect leaks and repair burst pipes. This equipment helps us do our job without leaving your beloved building in shambles.

Leaking/Dripping Taps

Leaking or dripping taps are not only bothersome but can add tremendously to your monthly water bills. Give Plumbers Dubai a call today if you have got a tap that leaks or is hard to turn. We can manage all causes leading to leaking taps, including tightening the O-rings, replacing the cartridges and seals, to a replacement of worn-out tap-ware.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can result from a number of factors ranging from blocked pipes, and faulty pressure regulators, to main supply issues. Plumbers Dubai is an expert at evaluating and detecting the cause of low water pressure in your building. Accordingly, we can replace the washers, check the pipes, and also test water pressure with our specialized equipment.

Hot Water Installation & Repairs

Our team of hot water experts can advise you on the right hot water unit based on your usage requirements. We install and repair all types of hot water units, including gas, electric, heat pump, and solar panel ones.

Back-flow Prevention & Testing

Backflow refers to water flowing in the wrong direction in your pipes. It has serious damaging implications by carrying contaminants back into the piping system and damaging the entire plumbing.

Rainwater & Storage Tanks

Plumbers Dubai stock, supply, install, and also service rainwater and storage tanks in compliance with SA water and council guidelines.

Plumber in Jumeirah Golf Estates

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Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

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