Shower Tray Replacement in Dubai

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Shower Tray Replacement in Dubai

Shower Tray Replacement in Dubai


Majority of damaged shower trays are repaired in little time with relative ease by the professional Plumbers. Show Tray is always better to replace because it is not able to restore or repair. Shower Tray Replacement in Dubai always required some extra efforts from the labor and it is cheap in cost when you compare the costing of repairing and replacement. When you’re going to find Shower Tray Replacement in Dubai service providers then you will get Plumbers Dubai on the top of the list because we have quality service and expert plumbers. Shower Tray Replacement in DubaiWe also carry out shower tray Replacement to.
  • Caravan shower tray Replacement
  • Motorhome shower tray Replacement
  • Leisure center
  • Domestic home

Shower Tray Replacement in Dubai by Plumbers Dubai:

Plumbers Dubai is also the best and the leading maintenance company in Dubai which is serving Dubai from the past 15 years of excellence and in past years we do not have received any kind of complaint against our service. But if we received any kind of complaint then we will take some serious action against it because we don’t compromise our quality. We have also done a lot of hard work in the past years and the result of that hard work is we successfully managed to make our goodwill in the market where competition is very high. Shower tray Replacement in Dubai also includes Full Shower Tray leveling, this is common on both plastic gel-coated fiberglass and stone shower trays. But if you call Plumbers Dubai then you will definitely get the opposite from it.

The Shower Tray Replacement Process:

Plumbers Dubai always follows the proper installation method because if we do any step which is not included in our process then it will bring some serious damage. That is why we set up some rules and regulations to follow them always whenever our team doing any kind of work.
  1. Shower Tray Replacement in DubaiCut old shower surround.
  2. Saw through drainpipe connected to old shower Tray.
  3. Set new shower Tray on floor
  4. Mark shower Tray’s drain hole onto the subfloor
  5. Remove shower Tray.
  6. Use a hammer and cold chisel to chop out any tile.
  7. Attach the strainer to the drain hole in the shower tray.
  8. Vacuum the subfloor.
  9. Check floor with a fourth foot level.
  10. Set shower Tray into place.
  11. Secure shower Tray to studs with galvanized screws
  12. Dry fit new PVC trap to the drainpipe
  13. Connect drainpipe to shower Tray strainer with a compression gasket
  14. Install the screen to the strainer in the drain hole.
  15. Complete the installation by covering the walls with backer board

Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services

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