How can I reduce my DEWA bills?

Posted by in , on December 4, 2021

As the summer season arrives and temperature increases, your electricity and water bills also increase because of the more and more use of water and electricity. But do you ever think about the tips and ideas about how to reduce your electricity and utility bills? Even if you did, I am sure you are still not able to figure out those tips and ideas to reduce your DEWA bills. But here we are going to tell you some tips about how to reduce your DEWA bills and save energy and money in no time. You definitely need more energy than you actually require which results in high electricity and utility bills and waste of your money. But you can cut down on these DEWA bills easily if you start following some easy things and ideas that we are going to tell you.

Programming your home or office thermostats is the best idea because it consumes more energy than any other thing. When your thermostats are programmed they will automatically raise their temperature when no one is home. You can also keep your home or office cool by closing the doors and shades of the rooms that are not in use. Keeping your air conditioners at high temperatures instead of using them at 20 degrees C  can make a big change in your DEWA bill. Repairing services from Dubai repairs can also find out problems in your appliances and fix them so your DEWA bills will not charge more than you use. 

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