Toilet Flush Valve Repair Dubai

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Toilet Flush Valve Repair Dubai:

Toilet Flush Valve Repair Dubai

If water from your toilet flush tank is leaking into the hollow, the first doubtful generally is the flush valve leak. Plumber Dubai, we’ll display you how to take off the tank from the hollow to replace or repair a Toilet Flush Valve Repair Dubai and stop the leak. If you want to replace or repair your entire toilet, you may be interested to follow this for toilet flush valve repair Dubai.

How to Toilet Flush Valve Repair Dubai:

  1. Remove lid from a tank. 2. Shut off the water by turning the shut-off valve clockwise. 3. Drain as much water out of a tank as possible by holding flush lever down until toilet is completely flushed. 4. Sponge or towel out any remaining water in the tank. A shop vac also works well 5. Disconnect water supply tube or hose to the tank.Toilet Flush Valve Repair Dubai 6. Disconnect flapper chain from tank lever arm. 7.Disconnect refill tube attached to a top of the overflow pipe. 8. Underneath tank, unscrew bolts that hold the tank to the bowl. You may need to spray them with some penetrating oil first before trying to loosen them. 9. Below the tank, unscrew the lockout equity flush valve to the tank using a plumber’s jerk. 10. Install new flush valve the same way you removed the old one, following manufacturer’s instructions. 11. So, once installed, reattach tank to bowl with tank bolts. 12. Reattach fill tube to a new overflow pipe 13. Reconnect water supply to the tank. 14. Turn on the water, test new flush valve and check for leaks.

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