Why My Toilet Is Not Flushing

Why My Toilet Is Not Flushing?

Why My Toilet Is Not Flushing


Why My Toilet Is Not Flushing

If your toilet won’t flush, it’s enough to create most of the people feel down in the dumps. A home emergency cover service arranged with 247 Plumbers Dubai can see Why My Toilet Is Not Flushing. We’ll answer any incidents that end in the loss of water to your toilet facilities. However, you would possibly not even got to wait a few brief hours for our plumbers to show up at your home and repair your toilet if you’ll get it flushing again yourself!

Why My Toilet Is Not Flushing?

Reasons Why My Toilet Is Not Flushing?

Is the remainder of your plumbing system working properly?

Turn on your faucets and leave them running for a minute about. Will water start-up of them properly? If your home’s internal plumbing provider is completely shut off, certify your stopcock is open, and if it’s, raise your neighbors if they are receiving water. So, If your cock won’t stop leaky, scan our helpful guide here. If your neighbors aren’t receiving any water, then contact your utility suppliers, and if they’re, contact a plumber or offer us an appeal on our 24/7 hotline.

Lift the Cistern and Peek Inside

Toilet technology has not advanced considerably in the last century, and you’ll be ready to figure out why the toilet won’t flush simply by taking a quick peek into the cistern.

If there’s water in the cistern

Check the flapper valve, that is located at the bottom of the tank. This valve opens up to permit water to empty from the cistern and flow into the bathroom bowl. Pull the flapper valve up and see whether the water flows from the cistern. If it will, then it’s likely that your toilet is not flushing because the flapper valve arm or the carry chain connecting this arm to the flush mechanism is broken. Or else, the chain is also too slack – you will manually tighten this. You should also check the float to check that it’s rising high enough to close the fill valve.

Why My Toilet Is Not Flushing?

If it’s not, the float rod could also be broken, the float itself may be leaking, or one thing may be obstructing the float. Clear the obstruction or replace the broken item. There could also be a clog somewhere in your system or in one of the valves. Manually clean the bathroom cistern and valves and monitor the bathroom flush.

If there’s no water in the cistern

Make sure the valve that feeds the cistern is open – this will be found behind the bathroom. Check the float ball to examine if it’s leaky the float rod is broken or if it’s got stuck. If this is the case, take away any obstructions and replace the float or float rod if necessary. Check the flapper to make positive the affiliation between the flapper valve, valve arm, or the elevate chain connecting this arm to the flush mechanism is broken. Remember that a carry chain should be slightly slack – if it’s too tight, the bathroom won’t stop running, and if it’s too slack, the toilet won’t flush.

Other Possible Problems

Broken Toilet Flush Handle

Over time, toilet flush handles will become loose and might stop connecting with the carry chain and flapper valve. You’ll need to tighten the mounting nut that connects the flush handle to the toilet. Or else, the handle may be too tight or might have become clogged up with limescale and trash – if this is the case, remove the handle and provides it a good clean.


Some bathrooms won’t flush after they are blocked. offer the toilet a decent plunge, and consider buying some toilet unblocker to drink it. Read our advice regarding unblocking bathrooms for additional information.

Why My Toilet Is Not Flushing?

No success? No problem.

Contact us at 0581873002 and we will help! Our technical groups can run through some easy troubleshooting tips with you to examine if your problem can be resolved over the phone. If not, we’ll send a highly skillful and qualified plumber around to urge your toilet hassle as shortly as possible. There could be a number of reasons for your plumbing issues thus it’s higher to trust the professionals. After all, you’ll end up creating it worse and you’ll be faced with a hefty bill to pay to repair the damage. We help, we repair, and we care. 24/7 Plumbers Dubai accepts no liability for any injuries or damages you sustain following the recommendation on this website. If unsure, seek skilled help.

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